good evening readers,

I chose to write this article because I think it's important to have fun when you're young and this is a perfect way to become even more popular if you're a shy person who wants to have new friends. Plus, I'm getting 18 in less than a month and I organized a great party because I think this is the most important year of your life (at least in my country).

1st step
Find the right location. you can do it at home or on a terrace if you live near a big city or in a club such as a disco or whatever. if you choose to do it in a location which is not your or a friend of yours' house, then you'll need a higher budget.

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2nd step
Make a guest list. Invite everyone you want (best friends, classmates, cousins,...) and a few days or weeks before, ask everyone to say yes or no so that you can count the exact number of people who are coming.
TIP: if you want to make it easier, make a group chat with everyone you invited so that they can text you if they're going to participate or not.

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3rd step
Food! your guests must eat something at the party or at least drink. So, if you don't want to organise the catering, make food by yourself with the help of your closest friends or family and there you are. You can also buy food at the supermarket and heat it later in the microwave and remember to buy sodas and maybe even something alcoholic but not too strong,I recommend drinking alcohol only if you're 17 or older.

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4th step
If it's a birthday you need to book a cake at least one week before the party starts. if you want a big cake then go to a good pastry shop and tell the pastry chef how you want your cake to be.

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5th step
Organise the music. you can hire a DJ or make a playlist on your phone and then play it with speakers. important is that the music is loud if you want a party where everyone gets lit and dances. lights and atmosphere are also REALLY important.

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SO this was it for today, I hope I helped you and maybe you'll soon throw a party everyone will talk about for days!!