harlow davis
december 28th, 2001
current age: 16

long, wavy, brown hair. brown eyes and freckles

very unique, very grunge

so introverted, its insane. once you get to know her though, she was the sweetest person ever. shes very kind.

younger sister of jessica davis. they are very close.

best friends with hannah baker, met her through jessica. always hung out with hannah, jessica, and alex. good friends with clay after hannah introduced her to him.

❁love history❁
harlow had a huge crush on scott, but doesn't anymore.

❁would she be on a tape?❁
yes she would.

"harlow davis, you should know why you are on this tape. you are my best friend, you never talked shit about me, and when me and jessica fought, you never chose sides. i could never be more thankful for you. you were my only loyal friend. you are the sweetest person i have ever met. thank you."
-hannah baker, #10

❁did she testify?❁
yes she did. all they asked was if hannah had told her anything regarding her actions, (which she didnt) and it made harlow mad how they just kept rephrasing the question. when harlow was testifying, it was probably the most she had ever cried before. hannah's mom was in tears watching her. she knew how close they were.


inspired by @flowermegrac