➳ There comes a time in life when everyone needs a little positivity, when people need to know that they are good enough.

So, to all the people out there who are having a hard time or have ever experienced a difficult period in their life - this ones for you.

My own poem

you wake up every morning and you wonder why you're here

you reach for your phone but you know no one's there

you look in the mirror and you wish you were someone else

you look at your thighs and you wonder when you got all those stretch marks

you pinch your belly and you wonder when you became so fat

you eat your breakfast and you try to calculate how many calories you've just consumed

your parents drive you to school and you ask yourself if they are as disappointed with you as you are

you walk down the school halls and you feel like all eyes are on you

you can't smile because you feel empty


you see the world like it's your prison

everyday is torture for you

everyday you torture yourself

no one ever asks why

no one cares to notice

that you are slowly fading

but maybe, maybe

if you lifted your head a little higher

you would realise that you are here for a reason

you would see that people reach out to you daily

you would learn that you are beautiful

and you are loved

and you are worth more than you could ever know

perhaps the world isn't the haven you thought it had to be

but it is enough

and so are you.

Beautiful quotes

➳ Sometimes just reading a quote can fill someone with the motivation, happiness, and hope that they need. Below are some beautiful quotes that I hope fill you with whatever it is you are searching for.

All credits go to my dear friend Sabine (@the_night_skies) who created each and every one of these breath-taking quotes.

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