You can have many friends and because of that you can have many different kinds of relationships with different friends.
I mean its life so you will most likely have one or two that are not good ones.

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The thing about friends is that they aren't like your family, you get to choose who your friends are. This means that you should never feel obliged to stay with someone who is hurting you and it also means that the people you choose to be your friends should be people who care and love about you.

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Now I am going to talk about the different types of friendships you can have and what I think is important about each one. But remember a friend is someone you should be able to rely on and who you care deeply about and cares deeply about you.

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1. The New Friend(s)
This everyone goes through, its kind of the trial run for the start of any friendship. Personally I find this to be the most uncomfortable stage, for a number of reasons. First, you don't know the other very well which means you don't know their boundaries, what they like and if they see you as a friend.

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But this is also important because you can't spend your life being around the same people. Now a tip for this type of relationship Do be yourself otherwise you will never be able to have a genuine relationship, my religion teacher once told are class "We can't create a relationship with lies" and this is totally true. So of course don't become super invasive, but don't change yourself and get to know a new person.

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2. The Best Friend(s)
Now I said friend or friends because for some people you may have only one best best friend, but either why this type of friend is someone you are the most comfortable with. You know the type of person who knows you so well you can give them a look and they will immediately know what you are thinking. I believe these are the most difficult to find.

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And a misconception about this is that a lot of people believe that this type of relationship is perfect. And yes there are so many things of where people will think "yah a best friend you can be yourself around and you can insult each other". But that still does not fit it because you need one another more than that, you see it should be the friend that even if you saw each other once a year you would stick together. For me I maybe have one of these, cause as you grow up or move/change schools. The ones who stick around are your best friends.

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3. The Friend??
This I find is one of the worst types of friends. This is because they will hang out with you at one point, but as soon as they are with another group of people or on a random day may choose not to hang out with you.

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And the worst thing about this relationship is that it doesn't always start like this sometimes it grows into this. I mean you could just grow up and as you get older they may just stop being close to you.

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So the best way to cope with this is. First, if you no longer want to be friends with someone don't prolong it just tell them. And I know it sucks if someone tells you this cause I think you would rather know right away rather than have a prolonged problem. Second, if you don't want it or feel that someone is growing away from you confront them, and if they tell you they no longer want to be friends respect their wish. Cause I think you would rather be in a relationship with someone who likes you.

4. The break up
Continuing on from the last point this is one of the worst things but its okay. Cause just because one friendship is over doesn't mean you won't have anymore friends.

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You should never feel this way about something

I want you to think about a friend break up like this
If you truly want the best for someone or love them, learn to let them go. Because forcing them to stay will make it worse cause they will most likely never love you the same way. I mean do you really want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you.
Also if your not to keen about one of your friends don't draw out the fall out. Tell them straight out (obviously do it nicely) and if their close to you they should accept it otherwise all the more reason to not be with them anymore

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Overall a friend is someone you like and likes you back. You should be comfortable with them, able to act like yourself and they should accept you for this. And if you feel like you don't have friends I assure you there is some group of people out there who will love you.

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