hello lovelies! so i was browsing (once again lmao) and figured i would create another article!

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name: yusana
age: 19
birthday: june 25, 1998
zodiac: cancer
height: 5'5"
weight: 117 lbs
position: rapper, maknae

aesthetic, fashion, and hair image
idk i guess this is what i would look like

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style: kinda retro, with some hints of modern day looks

yellow, fashion, and girl image 80s, 90s, and beautiful image

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group name: lulu love
fan's name: lues
group of 6 members
style: rap, very modern

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fashion image

postion: leader, vocal, oldest
age: 26


asia, girl, and ulzzang image

position: rapper, face of the group
age: 20


girl, korean, and ulzzang image

position: lead vocalist, lead dancer
age: 21


mimi, oh my girl, and ulzzang image

position: main vocalist
age: 21


ulzzang, girl, and korean image

position: lead rapper, dancer
age: 22

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thanks for reading! let's see if we can make it as popular as my other articles!

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