Have you ever thought how would it feel like to be "the other type"?

I'm not talking about the introverts or extroverts. I mean about the type of people that either want to live a party life or keep it steady everyday.
It might sound confusing but, let me explain.

There are 2 types of personalities in my opinion. "Carefree" and "Careful".

If you're "Carefree" it means that:

  • You love parties and make sure to go to a lot of them
  • You like to get drunk/smoke/do drugs often
  • You like the idea of having sex with many boys/girls
  • You get to date a lot of people (either just for fun or for the experience)

And if you're "Careful" it means that:

  • You'd rather hang out with your friends on a coffee place or a house
  • You're 100% straight edge and don't get involved with alcohol or drugs
  • You will stay a virgin until marriage
  • You don't have any experience with dating because you're waiting for "The One"

You don't have to be only one of those. You can be a mixture, balance them up. Personally, I am a Careful type of girl, except I mix it up a bit with some points from the Carefree type. And I end up with this:

  • I hate parties (especially bars), but I don't mind going to one or two once in a while
  • I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Mostly because of the flavor and the side effects it brings
  • I am still keeping my virginity until marriage
  • I've had some boys follow me, but I've never had a boyfriend. And I am also waiting for "The One"

If you're one of those people or you're just like me, have you ever thought about how would it be like to be different from yourself?

Like, what if you had so many opportunities in front of you, but you never took the risks because of being a Careful type? Risks that can maybe make you feel happy or excited for just a split second, but they will be worth it in the end?

Or what if you're living the life at every party as a Carefree but you want to slow things down and change a beer into hot cocoa?

And also, have you felt like everything you do is wrong for everyone? So what if you get drunk a lot or stay home? It's not their personality and it's definitely not their life.

It doesn't hurt anyone to be yourself.

Sometimes people wish that you were different. That you were not the way you are and be like them. But honestly, they say that because they want to be you.
They try to make you their star when you're already in another galaxy. And they won't stop until they get it. That's not how life should be.

Why have happiness if you're only satisfying others and not yourself?

It's OK to be Carefree or Careful, and if you want to take those risks, do it! As long as it's your own decision.

WARNING: I'm not saying that all people are like this, so please don't feel any offense if you think I'm writing this just to say that one type of people is better than other.