Heey Everybody ! What´s up ?
Todaay I´m going to show u my June playlist, there are differet styles and they aren´t all new, but I hope u like them ♡ :

♡ Little do you know // Alex & Sierra ♡

Lyrics and little do you know image coachella, couple, and love image
sad but really cute song

♡End up Here // 5 Seconds of Summer ♡

5sos, 5 seconds of summer, and end up here image luke hemmings, ashton irwin, and 5 seconds of summer image
love this whole song and the lyrics have kinda of a story

♡Fire N´ Gold // Bea Miller ♡

header, life, and quotes image bea miller image
Love Yourself kinda song

♡1, 2, 3 // Sofia Reyes ft. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto ♡

1 2 3 and sofia image aesthetic, flowers, and spring image
Some Latino vibe

♡Little Things // One Direction ♡

love, one direction, and little things image liam payne, niall horan, and zayn malik image
Love the lyrics, look up for them

♡Loca (Remix) // Khea, ft Duki, Cazzu, Bad Bunny ♡

argentina, trap, and duki image khea image
Awesome, hear the rest of their songs

♡S.L.U.T // Bea Miller ♡

brown, lips, and Lyrics image brunette, girl, and singer image
Girl Power

♡Dicen // Matt Hunter, ft. Lele Pons

boy, hunter, and matt image girl, summer, and beach image
Some latino vibe (part 2)

♡Him & I // G-Eazy ft. Halsey ♡

hands, him, and g-easy image halsey, g-eazy, and g eazy image
Fan of them, they look really cute toghether

♡Moonlight // Grace Vanderwaal♡

child, coldplay, and crush image aesthetic, broken, and girls image
She´s awesome, the song is awesome, everything is awesome

♡Lost in Japan // Shawn Mendez ♡

shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image shawn mendes, mendes, and shawn image
what can I say ? It´s Shawn Mendes, you should hear it

♡Te Boté (Remix) // Casper, Nio Garcia, Bud Bunny, Ozuna, etc. ♡

icons, te bote, and los magicos image icons, los magicos, and casper magico image

And those are all, I really like this songs but next month I´m going to do another one with different songs ♡
Thanks 4 reading, love u !

Lolaa ♡