1- Grab the book closest to you and go to page 18 and choose a random quote.

Earth Hath Swallowed all my hopes but she.
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2- Do you take bottles of S and C from Hotels?
No but I like to take the nail file and the shower cap.

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3- Tea or Coffee

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4- Who was last person you texted?
My best-friend.

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5- Have you stolen a street sign before?
No because man, you'd have to unscrew it and everything.

6- Do you like partys?
I don't really go them to be fair, I like sleepovers, build a big den with teddy bears, Netflix and popcorn and talk about boys.

7- Have you ever had surgery?
I have once.

8- Do you sing in the shower?
I do sometimes, but sometimes I just stand there all depressed.

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9- Do you always smile for pictures?
Sometimes but sometimes It takes me like an hour too get the right angle.

10- What is the last thing you downloaded on your phone?
A song by Maroon 5.

11- What's your best memory?
One night I was sitting with brother and dad playing heads up and it was so hilarious and I've not had a family night like that in a while.

12- Where's the furthest you've travelled?
Disney World.

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13- What's your hair colour?
Naturally, Dark Brown, but now it's blonde.

14- Have you ever peed in the woods?
No man.

15- Have you ever pooped in the woods?
No, I mean that's just crazy.

16- Do wear hoods on hoodies?
No I want too though it just doesn't really suit me.

17- Who have you hugged this week?
My mum, My brother, my dog and my teddy bear.

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18- How many new people have you met this week?

19- What colour are your eyes?
Blue, green and brown.

20- Do you wear glasses or contacts or both?
Glasses but they're too small now.

21- Where would you like to visit?
Venice and Paris.

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22- What's the best sleepover you've had?
With my friend; we watched films till midnight and did little fashion shoots and drank amazing hot chocolate from my mum.

23- What movies could you watch over and again and still love?

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24- Do you have Phobias?
Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, and The fear of the Loneliness when I need someone.

25- Can you drive?
No, I can't wait but I'll probably freak out.

26- Are you sarcastic?
I can be but I like being serious too as I'm emotional which I like.

27- Best thing you've ate for breakfast?
Pancakes and waffles but I like toast with Milk too.

28- How many languages can you speak?
None but I'd like to speak Spanish.

29- What magazines do you read?
Vogue, Harrods, Tattier and Elle.

30- Are you stubborn
I am stubborn bur just recently I've been a little low and it's been hardso I started to just give up but now I' getting my stubbornness back which I use for good things.

31- Do you sing in the car?
I do.

32- What Inspires you?
I think Whi can inspire me with its summery pictures but I think people inspire me, people like River Phoenix in Stand By Me and The Breakfast Club cast, it's like people who have been through so many bad things yet they're still special and want love.

33- What's your favourite holiday?

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34- Would you like to go to Space?
I would but I'd be scared.

35- Have you ever cried because you were happy?
I have, I was lying in bed listening to a song and I started to think and I just broke down in tears and remembered all the love and safety I felt from God and just felt so overwhelmed.

36- Do you want to get married?
I do but maybe before I settle down I'd like to travel and get my education.

37- A quote you live by?
The one I remember is it will be okay but I like this one, The best thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

38- Do you miss anybody right now?
I miss someone.

39- Can you walk in heels?

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40- Dream Job you wanted as a kid?
Zoo-keeper and singer.

41- Did you ever go to drama school?
I did but I didn't like it.

42- Last person you kissed?
I think it was my mum or my book, I can't remember.

43- Mac or Pc

44- Do you wear perfume?
I do.

45- Who do you want to see in concert?
Yungen or Maroon 5

46- Dream Job
_ Writer or working with the stranger things cast._

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47- Do you ever talk to yourself?
All the time.

48- The best smell
The smell of food and shea butter.

49- What is your best meal you cooked?
Nando's chicken.

50- A reason to smile
Dustin's smile

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