I found inspiration for this tag at this channel

♡ What's is your go to outfit ?

fashion, outfit, and clothes image beauty, pretty, and smile image bag, girl, and jumpsuit image clothes, dress, and fashion image
Casual outfits

♡ Favourite accessories ?

fashion, girl, and pink image fashion, girl, and sunglasses image bag, fashion, and Valentino image accessory, cool, and nail art image
Bags& glasses

♡ Favourite designer ?

angelic, pout, and princess image Alessandra, ambrosio, and fashion image dress and haute couture image Image by Peach_04
Zuhair Murad

♡ What are you favourite places to shop ?

bomber, jacket, and spring image clothes, new, and street image
New Yorker

♡ Favourite fragrances ?

gucci, perfume, and gucci guilty image argentina, Carolina Herrera, and home image
Gucci Guilty,212VIP

♡ What's your favourite way to do your hair ?

girl, hair, and blonde image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image fashion, girl, and food image fashion, jeans, and girl image

♡ Favorite jewelry ?

accessories and fashion image accessories, jewelry, and fashion image Image by sündos fashion, style, and earrings image

Hope you like it