Hello to all my fellow hearters! For everyone who reads my articles - I'm so sorry for not posting anything in a while. I've been working my butt off, plus writer's block was a bitch as well. But worry not! I am back and have two articles prepared for you today. The first one, as you can see from the title, is the 'How I See Myself As A Fictional Character' article lots of my fellow hearters have done. I've read quite a few of these and really love the general idea and what everyone else has come up with. Now I did make a teeny tiny change, which means that I'm solely focusing on comics. Without further ado, let's get into the article!

❀ Name: αηαstαsια. The name is of Greek origin, coming from the Greek word anastasis (ἀνάστασις), meaning "resurrection".

❀ Age: 25. For some reason 25 seems exciting. I feel like you're a real adult by then. An adult adult, you know? Like you've gotten your stuff somewhat together and know what you want in life.

❀ Are you a villain or a hero? Anti-hero. This is actually a difficult question to answer, because I'd love to be both. But, because it is a fictional world and I'd love to be a badass, then I'm gonna go with anti-hero which would be the perfect balance between a villain and a hero. ;) So let's just say, don't mind killing people, but don't mind helping others as well.

❀ What comic book universe would you exist in? Marvel Universe.
No doubt. Yes, there are other cool universes, like DC and Archie Comics, but I grew up with, and am a massive fan of Marvel, so I'm gonna stay true to them.

❀ What are your special abilities? I've always wished that potions and magic were real, so magical abilities plus strong and flexible to be a good assassin.

❀ Who are your allies? Deadpool and the X-Force, Cable, The Avengers, Loki, Bucky (Winter Soldier) and Venom I assure you, there's way more, but I didn't wanna make the list too long. When Bucky is no longer under Hydra's control, we're starting to rebuild our friendship.

❀ Who are your enemies? Loki, Winter Soldier, Thanos, Hydra, Guardians of the Galaxy As you've probably noticed, Loki and Bucky are both allies and enemies, and I can explain why. We all know that Loki is a trickster, and does whatever he wants. Now for Mr. Barnes.. As Winter Soldier, at first we'd work together, but after failing the mission Hydra wipes his memory and then, voila, he's my enemy. And Thanos, Thanos, Thanos.. Look I get his point, but he's still a bit too much.

❀ Backstory: Adopted and never knew my birthparents. Living in New York under the name of Madelaine, a shy girl who works at a shitty job as a waitress in a tiny cafe. A Netflix addict who occasionally likes to grab a beer with DP, Sarcastic. Actually an assassin, who might sometimes drink on the job. I listen to rock music, and wish that I could've gone to school with Harry Potter. My boyfriend was murdered, which is why I got into the assassin business in the first place. Anyone who betrays me or gets in my way, dies. Worked with Hydra for a while, but after me and the Winter Soldier failed a mission and I escaped, they killed the only person I had left- my best friend. Actually always wanted to have my own chocolate boutique, but after losing everything I cared about, finding out about my magical abilities and being huntedwe by Hydra, I went to find help from S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of me being an assassin, they didn't wanna help me at first and instead locked me in a cell. But when they had to go on a mission to take down Hydra, they finally decided to give me my one and only chance.

So this is it. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it! See you all in the next article. Meanwhile, if you want, you can go check out my other articles as well.

xoxo, A