Bonjour! There are so many things to do before we go away so, here's a some you might want to do.

Skinny dipping

lake, water, and mountains image adventure, fun, and friendship image


sky, fly, and skydiving image Liza and liza koshy image

Cross country road trip

travel, map, and car image girl, travel, and adventure image

Food fight

drew barrymore, food fight, and gif image

Pillow fight

girl, friends, and bff image Image by Lรฉa Zbr

Run lay and go to a field of flowers

yellow, flowers, and shoes image field, free, and flowers image

Attend a music festival

coachella, fashion, and festival image coachella, girl, and friends image

Dance in the rain

love, couple, and rain image

Scuba Dive

diving, scuba, and underwater image summer, sea, and ocean image

Swim in a waterfall

tropical, waterfall, and tropical vibes image girl, blue, and summer image

Climb a mountain

friends, travel, and forest image blue, calm, and climb image

Bungee Jump

adventure and fun image amazing, freedom, and fun image

Play paint twister

friends, fun, and summer image twister image

Camp under the stars

stars, night, and sky image camping, mountains, and vibes image

Ride a hot air balloon

pink, sky, and travel image girl image

Go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere

sky, wallpaper, and moon image travel, london, and city image

Go zorbing

girl, summer, and fun image fun, sea, and ocean image

Ride a Jetski

summer, friends, and beach image girl, summer, and friends image

Go to all the Disney Parks ( California, Florida, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong )

disney image california, dark, and disney image disney, disneyland, and castle image Dream image

- Be an extra in a movie

dance, emma stone, and snow image classic, movie, and crowd image

Throw A Dart At A Map And Go Wherever It Lands

map, aesthetic, and gold image travel, map, and world image

Name a star

stars, night, and sky image aesthetic, black, and galaxy image

Have a paint fight

colors and color image party, colors, and fun image

See a shooting star

stars, night, and sky image

See the northern lights

aurora, colour, and nature image nature image

Watch a meteor shower

shooting star, sky, and stars image stars, night, and sky image

Let a floating lantern go

light and night image light and fire image

Go on a gondola ride in Venice

Image by anette.ayala girl, fashion, and venice image

Fly a kite

fly, grunge, and hipster image sky and indie image

Go to a drive-in movie theater

couple, grunge, and car image love, couple, and movie image

Go on a helicopter ride

dog, animal, and travel image girl, travel, and city image

Kiss a stranger

love, couple, and train image love, couple, and kiss image

Ride a car with your body out of the window

girl, happy, and smile image girl, car, and travel image

Hitch a ride on a cargo train

girl, train, and travel image photography, camera, and train image

Ride a cable car

fashion, girl, and inspiration image cable car, california, and san francisco image

Attend a masquerade ball

mask, gold, and masquerade image mask and elegant image

Have my portrait painted

art, girl, and painting image art and John Singer Sargent image

See all the seven wonders of the world

brazil, rio de janeiro, and nature image travel, photography, and taj mahal image

See and climb up to the Hollywood sign

discover, Dream, and explore image best friends, girls, and travel image

Go to New York Fashion Week

fashion and jonathan simkhai image Christian Siriano, fashion design, and New York Fashion Week image

Swim in an infinity pool

girl, summer, and beach image blogger, blue, and Buddha image

Finish a maze

garden, green, and maze image circle, garden, and green image

Get a henna tattoo

tattoo, feet, and henna image nails, rings, and black image

Have a summer fling

boy and girl, couple, and cute couple image love, couple, and kiss image

Jump off a cliff

summer, beach, and sea image summer, friends, and beach image

Visit a volcano

galaxy, milky way, and mount fuji image liberte, mountain, and volcan image

Build a tree house

abandoned, adventure, and childhood image house image

Swim in the rain

rain, sea, and ocean image rain, swim, and water image

Ride a rollercoaster

Image by โ†  โœง Elisha โœง โ†ž fun, Roller Coaster, and vintage image

See sunrise and sunset on the beach

beach, beautiful, and ocean image flowers, sunset, and photography image

Eat Chocolate Fondue

chocolate, dessert, and girl image chocolate, desert, and fondue image

Go to a spa or make a home spa

blogger, girl, and celebrity image bath, tea, and relax image

Drink from a coconut

Image by janiyaโ™ก beach, summer, and flowers image

Go to an Opera

opera image architecture, opera, and paris image

Go on a safari

masai mara safari tours image girl, summer, and travel image

Send anonymous letters to random addresses

quotes, life, and live image brown, cursive, and Letter image

Have a bonfire

fire, marshmallow, and autumn image friends, summer, and bonfire image

Jump into a pile of leaves in autumn

autumn, girl, and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image

See a Broadway show

broadway, souvenirs, and signed image broadway, theatre, and the great comet of 1812 image

Disney Movie marathon

Cookies, food, and the lion king image girl, home, and movie image

Sit on a roof

friends, city, and sky image Image by LushDesire

Play with sparklers at night

aesthetic, black, and dark image fashion, girl, and pretty image

Go to a music concert

bts, kpop, and jimin image Taylor Swift image

Cut my hair short

hair, girl, and beauty image aesthetic, dark, and red image

Dye hair at least once

hair, girl, and pink image hair and hairstyle image

Own one designer piece

shoes, heels, and fashion image fashion, gucci, and style image

Go on a Ferris wheel

aesthetic and beautiful image sunset, coachella, and summer image

Go cloud watching

aesthetic, cloud, and girl image sea, sunset, and travel image

Grafitti something somewhere

quotes, creative, and child image girl, summer, and young image

Climb a tree

beach, best friends, and bikini image climb, coconut, and girl image


sky, moon, and travel image girl, fashion, and friends image

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