sometimes we lose ourselves searching for the perfection not knowing that there isn't perfection .Instead of that we lose the persons we love and loves us back ; maybe this is life and we all do mistakes that we regret later but in the moment when we were doing it we were satisfited . I don't blame anyone for what they did because we're only humains ; only god is perfect . I don't mind if people hurt me because i've been hurt many times...but when it comes to you when it comes yo the person you love everything change . We don't know the power of love until we taste it . It's invisible but it can change you change the bad person inside of you.I don't talk about the love of familly i talk about the feelings we have for a stranger:
well the answer is very clear . He gives us the life i mean he gives us many reasons to live to be happy he teach us very big things very very big ones...But there isn't love without pain in every little thing there's good and bad this is one of the rules of life but we should see the good in things and learn to enjoy it. We should enjoy every little second of our life because life isn't forever it's too short shortter than anything .
Enjoy the moments when u're surrounded by the persons you love maybe tomorrow they'll leave this world and maybe you will .
Wrote by Eccedendesiast-girl : Basma