Once upon a time there lived a beautiful teenage girl. She lived in a small but very pretty town with kind people and lots of nice places to go and visit. Everything in that town was perfect, every single inch of it. Schools had no bullying, shops faced no robbery, grass did not have a single small piece of trash in it.
And so she lived, a perfect girl in a perfect town, going to a perfect school with perfect students, and nothing disturbed that cyclic perfection. None of the students were the best at everything, but everyone just seemed to have a domain with successful achievements to brag about. All of it, so perfectly designed to work for the best of everyone, and all of it just in her head. Yeah, what an unexpected transaction. But it was true, in her head, she did live in a perfectly ideal town with perfectly ideal people.
Little do you imagine that it was actually a chaotic city. Little do you know that robberies, fires, car crashes, test fails in schools, bullying, bad news, bad luck, where all a part of a daily routine in that city. She was not perfect, the society she lived in did not give such qualification to people like her. She was too clumsy, too lazy, too anxious, too socially-awkward, too depressed, too cynic. She knew no perfection, yet somehow she managed to live and succeed in everything she could. She managed to be there for family, friends, to do good in school, hobby, social life. She managed, even though her world was not perfect.
This is what we are, rational creatures with no ability to be perfect, even more so to do something perfectly. Get rid of the illusion and face the facts. We can strive to do better than yesterday, but the word “perfect” is forbidden for us.
We know no perfection, and somehow, despite the constant struggle to achieve it, we are still alive without it. Tell me, if it was so crucial to be a fully perfect human being, would we be around today?
It has been a while since i posted my first article. I really see them as a way to express my personal opinion about certain things,i am not trying to preach or induce. You take what you need from them. There might be other creative moments soon enough, so stay tuned if you like them.