He's a bad boy.
He can't be trusted.
He'll hurt you.
He'll never call you.
His love is toxic.
He'll pull you so close to him,
that you'd want a taste of him
and when he finally gets you to
want him so badly he'll turn away

He knows exactly what to do,
to keep you wanting more.
He'll tell you every word you want to hear.

"Oh how sweet he is"

His lips drip with honey
But are poison to the touch
He leans in and kisses you slowly with his soft lushes lips.
You can see the lust in his eyes but you'll say it's love.

"Oh baby girl just let him go, he's no good."

" I know...I know you love him. Right?"

You'll defend him and say he's different.
But deep down you know the truth.
Sad isn't it how he plays his little game.
You'll never admit that its a game though.

His love is so toxic its like a drug.
And you become addicted to his so called love.