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First of all you have to choose a theme. It's going to definet the mood of the party ! It will allow you to define a dress code (or not) but also the decoration and the food. This is one of the most important points to start the organization. Moreover, it motivates people and they feel invested. Exemple of themes : - 20S, 80S, 90S, etc... - chic details shock - high chic low shock - Disney - My dream - Celebrities - About a show or movie - Harry Potter - Colors - Upside down - And soooo more


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Next you have to know where. In a house ? In a garden ? On a beach ? In a party room ? If you do this at home, be careful who you invite (you must be able to trust them). Where will people sleep ? Camping tent, beds or mattresses ? It also depends on how many people you want to invite ! And don't forget, the bigger it is, the more it will be cozy and the harder it will be to watch !


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Depending on the chosen theme, have fun! There are lots of nice things to do ! Don't hesitate to add lights it makes warmer the party. Let your imagination really take over :)


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you must choose really well your guests ! It also depends if you want a small party or a big party. The more people there are, the more difficult it is to organize activities. Up to you ! :) And if people want to invite people you don't know don't hesitate to say no if you don't want to ! It's your evening and it's you who decides


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What would be a party without music ? We turn on the speaker and dance all night !! Here is my party playlist to inspire you if you want :


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Again in relation to your theme you can cook and make special cocktails ! Alcohol is obviously not obligatory (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health) Don't hesitate to ask your guests to bring drinks and to eat ! it saves you money if you share the costs. Food and drinks are really important for a party.


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Last but not least drinking gameeeees ! The animation allows everyone to get in the mood and get to know each other and keep the party active. Here in belgium we play mostly beer pong, piccolo and pyramid (at least me and my friends). If you have a polaroid it's always nice to have memories :)