Hello everyone, I'm back! I'm sorry that i've been gone for a while (i had some important exams, but now i'm back). Because summer is back (yey) i thought that it will be a good ideea to write a summer bucket list.

1. Visit a new city

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You can visit a new city with your family or your friends. Don't forget to take photos and capture some memories. :)

2. Have a water balloon fight

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This is a really fun thing to do in the summer and you can do this at home or a summer party with friends!

3. Dance in the rain

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Just live a bit. :)

4. Go to Drive-In movies

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Why not?

5. Watch the sunset

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You can also go to the beach and do that. And if you have a lover one is more interesting. 😏

6. Build a blanket fort

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7. Attend a concert

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8. Rope swing into water

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9. Have a baking date

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Or you can have a legit picnic, choice is yours.:)

10. Actually do things on your bucket list

I think this is the most important thing.

Ok guys, this was my article and hope that you liked it!
Sorry for the possible errors that you found in this article. Like i said in my first article, english is my 2nd language!

Have a good day and don't forget to smile. :)

love ya, xoxo.