Your ocean was drowning me.
-Demi Lovato
couple, love, and kiss image love, couple, and art image

The One

I know it's pathetic. Fuck it, yeah I said it.
-The Chainsmokers
boyfriend, break up, and broken image boy, grunge, and drunk image

Lose My Mind

How can I win when I'm always bound to lose?
-Dean Lewis
Image by RUKИ IЗ ZHOPЫ rain, city, and street image

I Don't Know Why

Your love is always dangerous.
-Imagine Dragons
crazy, drive, and me image Image by 🍃🍃🍃🍃

Touchin On My

I gotta know how you dance like that.
Mature image boy, naked, and neon lights image

The Words

The scariest part is letting go.
-Christina Perry
flowers, purple, and orchid image bath, couple, and love image

Leave A Light On

This cigarrettes won't stop me wondering where you are.
-Tom Walker
lighthouse, purple, and night image girl, smoke, and grunge image


Who's been loving you good?
-Hayley Kyoko
girl, friends, and bed image lesbian, girl, and kiss image

Your Song

I've forgotten if they are green or they are blue.
-Ellie Goulding
love, i origins, and couple image black&white image

Prom Queen

Turned her tears to diamonds in her crown.
-Molly Kate Kestner
girl, crown, and princess image pretty, sad, and quotes image

I hope you enjoy the music!