Here are some possible original looks for prom that you can get inspired by. This article is greatly influenced by an article made by the Messy Heads (here: )

Flower child

california, 1970s, and 70s image flowers, girl, and photography image nature, girl, and beautiful image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image flowers, girl, and hair image 60s, pretty, and 70s image

Unconventionnal babe

curly hair, short curly hair, and short hairstyles image fashion, perfume, and vintage image girl, beauty, and photography image fashion and vintage image boy, girl, and cute image Mature image

Lacey fairy

aesthetic, imagination, and inspiration image fashion, red, and nails image Image by ᴹ ᵃ ᵛ ᴸ ᵃ Q ᵘ ᵉ lace, aesthetic, and soft image body, fashion, and lace image Image by K Y L I E

Fille française

vintage, flowers, and aesthetic image Image by tenderly hair, fashion, and ribbon image fashion image fashion, necklace, and jewelry image Image by moonlight

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