Hi everyone,
I’m back with a new article, my BUCKET LIST. It’s a list of all the things I want to do before I die.

  • be a doctor
doctor, medicine, and medical image doctor, aesthetic, and blue image Image removed girl, beautiful, and doctor image
  • jump of a cliff
cliff, jump, and cliff jumping image beach, hawaii, and cliff jumping image cliffs, dangerous, and hawaii image summer, friends, and beach image
  • learn French
fashion, girl, and style image quotes, beautiful, and french image beautiful, blackandwhite, and book image city, travel, and place image
  • play electric guitar
music, girl, and guitar image aesthetic, black, and choker image guitar, music, and rock image bed, electric, and guitar image
  • go to VSFS
girl, model, and taylor hill image Image by K Y L I E Image by K Y L I E gigi hadid, model, and kendall jenner image
  • meet Blake Lively
Image by Fernanda Félix blake lively, gossip girl, and blonde image gossip girl, blake lively, and nate archibald image blake lively, met gala, and dress image
  • buy a pair of Louboutin
Image by Alemary2311 shoes, fashion, and style image shoes, fashion, and heels image Image by Anna
  • do bungee jumping
bungee, free, and goals image bungee jump nepal and bungy jumping in nepal image adventure, fun, and girl image bungee jumping image
  • travel around the world
beach, travel, and city image sky, clouds, and nature image flower, japan, and landscape image istanbul image
  • go to Coachella
coachella, festival, and girl image coachella, girl, and boho image coachella, 2016, and festival image coachella, festival, and music image
  • go to a Coldplay concert
argentina, bittersweet, and boys image coldplay, a head full of dreams, and concert image coldplay, Chris Martin, and beautiful image coldplay concert image
  • study at Harvard
fashion, nature, and girl image architecture, classy, and college image harvard, university, and bucket list image building, harvard university, and harvard image
  • go stargazing
galaxy, stars, and night image travel and friends image Image removed moon, stars, and sky image
  • go shopping in Paris
dior, luxury, and shop image gucci, shopping, and Kenzo image fashion, chanel, and paris image fashion, chanel, and paris image
  • watch a formula 1 race
f1, ferrari, and scuderia ferrari image f1, formula 1, and max verstappen image lewis hamilton, 👑, and kimi raikkonen image Image removed
  • attend a World Cup
russia, world cup, and fifa image brasil, brazil, and football image fifa world cup 2018, fifa 2018, and fifa word cup image italy, germany, and soccer image
  • go skydiving
skydiving and nocarz image friends, sky, and fly image skydiving, sky, and friends image Action, diving, and skydive image
  • go to cotillion
cotillion and gossip girl image blair waldorf, gossip girl, and leighton meester image gossip girl, jenny humphrey, and Taylor Momsen image cotillion and gossip girl image
  • ride a motocross
girl and motocross image adidas, sky, and black image body, girl, and motocross image girl, sexy, and motocross image
  • ride in a helicopter
girl, travel, and city image Image by doha💎walfi aesthetic, airport, and people image shawn mendes, ocean, and shawn image
  • fly in a jet
luxury jet charter, flight charter services, and best charter jet service image girl and style image luxury, car, and plane image luxury, airplane, and travel image
  • going snorkeling
summer, girl, and beach image summer, girl, and ocean image beach, caribe, and mar image summer, girl, and beach image
  • get a tattoo
africa, beach, and tattoo image tattoo, planet, and space image tattoo, rose, and flowers image tattoo, rose, and woman image

And that’s all, hope you enjoy it !!!!

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