how i would look

dark, gore, and goth image acrylics, aesthetic, and dragon image alternative, girl, and gore image piercing, smile, and lips image

i would have a dark aesthetic and look pretty intimidating to the average person. i'd definitely have a lip piercing and some tattoos as well.

my social status

riverdale, serpent, and jacket image riverdale image

i would be a serpent and be born and raised in the southside.

my style

black, fashion, and style image Image by ugh Mature image Abusive image

my style would be very gothic and most of my clothing would be black. i'd have a lot of fishnets and leather pieces, such as my serpent jacket.

my personality

aesthetic image cyber, goth, and theme image cyber, dark, and ghetto image Devil and red image

i would be a reckless character. i'd rebel against all rules and always convince my friends to do crazy things with me. i'd be a firecracker, throwing parties and getting into some trouble along the way. my parents would hate it. my boyfriend would love it. we only get one life, why not make the most of it?

my boyfriend

Image removed love, kiss, and couple image Image by Afnąn actor, funny face, and gif image

me and sweet pea would get together very soon after toni would invite me to join the serpents. we'd always get into trouble together. he would be very protective of me and he'd always stand up for me. sometimes he'd even take the blame for some stupid shit i would do. he acts like an asshole in public, but when it's just us, only i could get to see his soft side. also i'm just dying to kiss that serpent tattoo on his neck like damn.

my friends

riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead jones image riverdale, serpents, and cole sprouse image

my best friends would of course be the serpents, but i'd be friends with any southsiders who were willing to cause some trouble. we would do things like party, trash the northside, and go on motorcycle rides.

my story

riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead jones image gif, riverdale, and cheryl blossom image

i would meet toni topaz when she asks me to help the serpents cause chaos in the northside. after that, i'd join the serpents. ever since then, i would be a ride or die southside serpent. i'd help jughead with whatever crazy ideas he had for us, and help toni find cheryl when she was in conversion therapy.

i stan choni bye