I've always liked to chase, not to be chased.
Mostly because a lot of people chased me, but it didn't matter to me.

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I hate to think that I am someone's property, even if I'm treated like a god damn queen, I feel like I lost my freedom once I have to commit to someone else. I know it sounds dreadful, I don't blame you for thinking that I am an ungrateful person. I respect and appreciate every piece of love, lust or pure friendship someone has for me.

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The thing is, I hate to be grounded, I hate not being able to do what I want, talk to whoever I want, dress and act as I please, just because I apparently am in a relationship with you.

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It's not just about that, I can never commit for the simple reason that I get easily bored, if you are already mine I have nothing to work for. I hate when I'm with someone that is overly attached, it is the worst. I get that you love/like me but it's just suffocating.

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If I don't have to chase you, to wait for you to replay, to wonder what you are doing, then I lose my interest. If there's no mystery left to unveil then I have no reason to stay.

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I know how this sounds, perhaps I deserve to be alone, I don't deserve to be pretty, I don't deserve to be happy.
I like to live my life without thinking twice. I want to find someone like myself, someone that will make me think, someone I can talk to easily, have fun with, and I am sure that commitment, loyalty and everything else will come naturally.

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Yes, I will chase you, until you're mine. Then I'll be with you, I will make you feel loved, but in no time I'll get bored of your love, it's not your fault, that's just how I am. I'll stop taking to you, leave you high and dry without shedding a tear. I'm an odd number, maybe we don't add up.

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I am sorry, I'll leave you the memories, just leave me alone. Don't try to come back, it's meaningless. My goal is not to break hearts, mine is broken, I'm just trying to find love, but I am not Miss Right.
I can't be yours, I am only mine and that's all. There is someone for you, but not me. I am just a lesson, learn and move on. I will do the same.
You'll wonder why I liked you, flirted and kissed you. I like the thrill, the fun and mystery. I like breathtaking situations, I love drama and the excitement.
So, want a ride ?

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I hope you liked this mini-chapter or idk I had inspiration and wanting to vent. I hope you can relate and see you next time!