sock/sleeve boots

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This is literally my favourite trend ever!!
I find them so chic and yet, “spicy”.

Abstract trainers/sneakers

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lOvE that trainers are becoming more mainstream/acceptable in fashion, and not just a casual wear/chavy.

nude heels

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Yes, I know, basic af.
I don’t care, they’re a staple, I love them. Especially nude latex.


fitting/tight t-shirts

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Idk what it is, I just find them very flattering to any body type.
Also, certain designs are so fucking cute.

jacket/coat over a jumper/hoodie/jersey

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I love the whole wintery vibe this gives off, it shows that you want to be comfortable and yet you still look stylish, without trying.

puffy jackets/coats

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Even though they’re puffy I find them to be, again, flattering and it shows that your fashion sense is daring, and that it’s not all about tight clothes.


baggy camo pants

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I love love the camo aesthetic, and the baggy trousers are so sick with a tight top, for contrast.

tracksuit bottoms

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Very casual and comfortable. Can be paired with fancy(er) items of clothing to spice up the look. Or can be dressed down with a baggy t-shirt. Whichever you prefer. That’s why they’re so amazing.

denim skirts/shorts

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They go with everything and are SO SO cute!