Over the years, I have received advice from a variety of people - friends, family, teachers, people I barely know - but there are a few that I have always kept in mind as it either opened my eyes or left me thinking. Maybe its something you need to read right now or maybe it could be of some help for you guys.

"Learn to guard your heart. There's nothing wrong with wearing it on your sleeve, but know your worth too. You say you already know yet you allow others to step on you"

It applies not only to relationships, but also friendships. If you're like me then you tend to look out for other people, you want to see them happy even if it means you're the one suffering. There came a point in my life where I stayed with someone toxic because I wanted to see him happy and I kept justifying his toxic actions. I then realized how much it was affecting me, I was miserable. It was like I had lost all respect I had for myself. I wasn't cheating on him but I realized I was cheating on myself by choosing to settle for less. Same goes for friends, I used to have this group of friends who never supported anything I did. In fact, they would always back stab me. This was all in 2017, but once I heard this advice, I wiped away my tears and started to fix myself. This year, I have finally learned to love myself and to prioritize my health and happiness.

Never sacrifice yourself for others, it may sound selfish but learn to prioritize yourself. You may have a soft heart and want to make everyone happy but never do so to the point that it kills you inside. Loving someone who destroys you can kill you.

"School is important but no number is worth sacrificing your mental health. Grades don't define whether you become successful or not"

This advice I am still struggling to apply to myself though. I tend to pressure myself when it comes to academics, I feel like such a disappointment when I don't achieve the grades I desire. There came a time when I broke down while studying because I didn't think I could do it, I thought I'd fail and have to take up summer classes. I've recently just gotten my subjects for the incoming semester and a friend said to me, "My brother's advice is to study in advance for Human Anatomy and Physiology or else you'll really struggle" which now has me all nervous. Before choosing a course in the medical field, I made sure to look up all the subjects I had to take and honestly, it frightens me. I am not a mentally stable person to begin with, so I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it.

Believe me, this could not be any truer. If you feel stressed or pressured by your academics, find something to do that will calm you down or talk to someone. Take a break from time to time, your notes will still be there when you get back. There's so much more to life than burying yourself in your notes.

"The world is too big and full of adventures to just stay in one place. Go out and enjoy while you're young"

This is something I want to do more now that I'm in college. I want to be able to go places, go hiking, explore different beaches, take more risks. Life is too short and the world has too much to offer to just settle. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. If money is a problem, try to save. Set a goal and a deadline. Also, travelling is more fun when you have company especially friends. If you must, break the rules from time to time. To be honest my best adventures were the ones I never told my parents about. Make memories to laugh about and reminisce when you're old.