It is never easy to be who one desires to be when everyone else sees what they want to see.

Hey guys! So my finals are oficially over and with them so is highschool for me! But that's not what I wanted to get at. Now I can finally do what I want cause I'm free from all the responsabilities that come with being a good student! So, because of constant exams and studying, my hair has just kind of been a mess, so I decided to share some tips on how to treat your hair well to make sure it grows healthy. Have in mind that I have afroamerican hair, so these tips may not be for everyone.

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1. Don't overwash your hair

I know that sometimes your hair feels really bad at touch and just not healthy so we get the urge to wash it more often, but doing this will only make it worse. Your haid needs to breathe properly and if you wash it constantly you will be getting a lot of chemicals in it that will damage both your hair and scalp.

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2. Shampoo

Sometimes when we're in a hurry or we're just tired we don't really take the time to wash our hair properly. When shampooing your hair you should always give yourself a small scalp massage to make sure the product reaches everywhere and that your hair gets cleaned properly.

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3. Conditioner

Using a conditioner is the easiest way to tame your hair. You can use a leave-in conditioner if you're on the run or stick with a rinse one so that your hair doesn't get saturated with products.

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4. Comb your hair with care

When combing our hair we usually are too rough or just don't care enough. If you have afro hair then you should always comb your hair with some product in it to prevent breakage. Never comb your hair while dry if you don't have any product on it.

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5. Dry your hair naturally

Most of the time we dry our hair using a towel or a blowdryer, which are both things you should avoid if you want to get healthy hair. Try to dry your hair naturally, letting it breath. If you need to use a towell then maybe try one that has microfiber or a satin scarf as they are less likely to damage your hair. Never use heat on your hair right after washing it because it will get heat damage.

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6. Pillowcase

With time your pillowcase can build in residue from your hair and face, changing your pillowcase once a week will prevent your hair from getting oily and acne from taking ahold on you. You should also try to get a sating pillowcase as it is softer on the hair.

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7. Trim your split ends

I know that many people think that just because you trim your split ends your hair will grow faster, but this is a myth. You hair will grow healthier, that is true, and it will prevent you from getting even more split ends in the future.

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8. Oil treatments

You hair needs essential oils to keep itself healthy. You can use handmade ones or just go to your local store to get some. The best oils for your hair are cocnut oil, avocado oil, peppermint oil or lavender oil. I will write a more detailed article about this later.

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9. Proteins

One of the many things that defines your hair is what your nutrition. Try to eat more protein because it makes your hair roots grow stronger and prevents breakage when brushing your hair. Seafood, eggs, milk, soy and pork are just one of the many meals that carry lots of protein. Try to also eat omega 3.

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10. Drink water

I know this is getting old, but what's better than drinking water? Simple method that will give your hair that amazing glow and beachwave look. Just drink more water. Of course, this only applies to people who do not drink enought water. If you already drink a lot then you're fine.

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And I guess that's if for today guys! Hope you liked this article and that your hair stays healthy.
- Dahiandra