This is my first article on We Heart It, so please don`t judge.
I wanted to do a 50 facts about be so you can get to know me :)) Okay, so let`s start!

1. I`ve been dancing for almost my whole life, ever since I was 4 and now I`m 18. I started out with gymnastics and that type of dance, then ballet, jazz, modern and freestyle. Mostly ballet though.

2. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people chew loudly or just chew so that I can hear it. Also when people cough or sneeze too. I might seem like a bad person for that, but I can`t help it. It`s not like you choose your pet peeves.

3.If I consider you a friend, I consider you family. Friends and family is everything to me. If you`re my friend and you hurt me, I`ll think that you don`t care about me as much as I do about you.

4. I never lie, and I mean NEVER! I quit lying when I hurt my best friend once. I felt so cruel, so I stopped lying. And I`ve never felt better. Being honest is really important to me.

5. I`m really unorganized, but that´s a new thing I`m trying out this summer. I`m planning on buying myself a planner, a journal, and other stuff to help me get organized.

6. I never swear. Except Oh my God, but does that count?

7. I believe in God and Jesus. I`m not a BIG Christian, but I would consider myself a Christian because I pray every night before I go to bed.

8. I love traveling, and I wish I could do that all of the time, as a job even. I just love seeing and exploring new places and destinations.

9. I haven`t been on a plane in so long, and I can`t wait to travel again soon.

10. My biggest fear is to die, or more the feeling of dying.

11. I have a lot of fears. Heights, people, kids, strangers, being alone, swimming, the sea, deep waters, ants and spiders, tics (or whatever they`re called), bees and mosquitos, losing my dearest, never finding true love, not getting a job or education... I can go on forever.

12. I have anxiety. Maybe I should write another article about that ;)

13. I believe in heaven.

14. I have a huge crush on Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan. But I mean, who would`t?

15. I have never gotten into the Harry Potter series properly, but I just started reading the first book. I`ll write about that too :))

16. I`m more of a dork than most people would think.

17. I love history! Just two years ago I hated it... Haha

18. I`ve changed a lot in one year. For the better :)

19. I`m actually a really lazy person, but I have started to become less lazy.

20. 2014, 2015 and 2017 was my worst times and years.

21. I love learning.

22. My favorite series at the moment is "How to get away with murder". I`m in love! I started watching it once "Riverdale" took a break. River dale is my other favorite.

23. I love the taste of coconut. You probably figured through my @.

24. My favorite fruit is mango, but I get sick if I eat a whole mango in one day.

25. I`m sensitive to gluten and lactose, also some fruits and vegetables.

26. Spain has a special place in my heart.

27. I like to rush into things instead of taking one step at a time.

28. I have one year left at high school, because where I live we attend school for 13 years. We start at 6y/o and are done the year we turn 19.

29. I wear sneakers over heals any day.

30. I wish I had a guy friend I could talk to about everything.

31. When I was little my favorite food was croissants with chocolate inside. 32. I first tried that in Paris.

33. When I get hurt, I tend to hide my feelings and run away. I somebody or something makes me cry, I keep it inside until I`m all alone.

34. I love Disney and the original Disney movies.

35. My favorite Disney characters are Mickey Mouse, Stitch and Thumper.

36. I`m terrible at picking favorites, which for example is why I can`t pick a favorite Disney movie.

37. My favorite color changes all of the time, but right now it`s light blue and purple.

38. My playlists are my diary. They express how I feel or how I want to feel. My musical taste changes with how I grow as a person.

39. Most of my playlists are private, because I tend to lock myself like as if I was a book. I`m not exactly an open book...But I`m going to try to open up more.

40. I believe in love at first sight.

41. I`m trying to stick up for myself more.

42. I have never tasted alcohol. The legal drinking age where I come from is 18, so I`m actually going to taste some stuff soon, even though I turned 18 a while ago. Alcohol is toxic in my head.

43. I love late night conversations with friends.

44. I`m sick and tired of pizza. I think I`ve had to much of it.

45. My favorite pizza topping is pineapple ;p

46. I`m a pescetarian, which means that I don`t eat other meat than fish. When I have settled down I`m going to be an all vegetarian person.

47. My favorite season is summer.

48. I have never been to America.

49. I care too much about what other people think of me. And I tend to avoid doing certain things because I`m scared of what others might think.

50. I`m happy my past turned out how it did, because I would not be the person I am today without it.

xoxo Coco <3