hi sweetheart,

staying motivated is something that never lasts. it perhaps stays with us for a few days or a week or two, but then it suddenly vanishes.
my question is, how does one stay motivated?

whether it is getting that dreamy figure, career, lifestyle or whatever you might be yearning for.

we all suddenly get a boost of motivation to chase our goals/dreams, but why does that only last for a limited amount of time? how can we keep chasing without a sudden intermission? why can't everything one does in hers/his life be for the sake of that dream life?

i know that everyone pictures what they want their future to be like that. and in my experience, it's always something more positive than in the place i am in currently. but what we all need to understand is that how much we work today will turn out to be an outcome in the future.

don't give up on chasing your dreams. keep working, non-stop, make everything you do, even watching netflix end up being only for the life you prefer to have. i mean, it's not like i don't picture myself watching netflix a lot when i am older. ;)

this is definitely challenging. nothing i or anybody can say will ever make you work hard for what you want. you're the only person who controls how you live your life. whether that's going to productive or not.

but what i really want to tell you is that, waiting for that special life you desire won't do anything. that won't ever come to you as a gift, it will only come to you as a reward after working hard. and i know you have heard this plenty of times before, but when will you realise that it is the truth? you have to stay motivated and work hard, tinkerbell won't show up with her magic wand and make your dreams comes true. in this situation, you're tinkerbell and your magic wand is your mindset and motivation.

and in all honesty, you should be living a life you love now too. even though, it's not your dream life.

love, camilla

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