Hello everyone! If you’re reading this article know that i appreciate you. ♡
So today I decided to talk about travel because I love it & it’s my number one favorite thing to do.
Since I’m always willing to explore new places I made a list of cities I would LOVE to go to at least once in a lifetime. (Here’s just a few of them cause the list il soooo long!)
Hope you enjoy it and make sure you check out my previous article which is an ABC tag if you want to know something about me, also feel free to dm me anytime if you ever need to talk to someone. Don’t forget to let me know if you want me to post an article about the pros and cons of the places I’ve visited so far.
Hope you have a wonderful day,
Mel xx

New York City, USA
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NYC is my current priority and really hope i’ll realise the dream of going there one day. Isn't it beautiful? (LA is my fav tho)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Buenos Aires looks so prettyyyy
Cape Town, South Africa
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I’ve always wanted to go to Cape Town, idk why
Miami, USA
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I mean.. who doesn’t want to go to Miami, right?! 🌴
Paris, France
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I don’ live super far from Paris but i’ve never been there unfortunately :(