There are a few things that I try to do every day in order to feel my best both personally and professionally. I work in a corporate environment where there is a) a lot going on at all times and b) an easy tendency to become a workaholic. A lot of these items force me to slow down and focus on myself, instead of spending morning until night solely focused on my company’s goals. In order to share some best practices I’ve learned over the past few years, I’ve created a quick checklist of Items I try to make sure I accomplish every day.

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- Wake up early (5:30am)

- Take any necessary vitamins or medicines

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- Yoga

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- Coffee

- A real breakfast

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- Work on a side project or hustle

- Walking breaks in my day (My day job requires a lot of sitting)

- Daily post-work planning session for the next day

- Quick clean around the house (15 minutes)

- Text a friend

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- Read (preferably non-fiction)

- Talk to my husband about our days

- Shower and slather on a body butter

- At least one motivational or development related youtube/tedtalk/etc.

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- Wind down in bed at least an hour before I want to be asleep

- Go to sleep early (Asleep by 10:00)

Though I can’t say every one of these happens every day, the days where I feel my absolute best, are the days when I’m able to include all of the above into my day. I’ve taken care of myself physically and mentally, connected with my husband and at least one friend, worked on my own development, and allowed myself to be prepared for the day to come. I hope if you’re developing a new routine you take some of these suggestions into account! They’ve certainly impacted my days substantially!