With only 3 episodes out so far, the TV series Pose is definitely a badass. It is set in 1986 US and centers around people not excepted by the society and creating their own little world. Male black dancers kicked out of their homes, transexual not allowed to come into a gay bar and much more. They all live for the ball culture world.

The End Of The F***ing World

The lead female character Alyssa is a total badass and I strive to be like her one day. She doesn't sugarcoat what she says and she does what she wants. Beautiful and fierce Alyssa takes a possible psychopath James on a road trip. They bond, they meet crazy people and they are completely bonkers.

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This show is based on the life of the Nasty Gal founder. Sophia is a misfit and her dad wants her to move back home but she doesn't give in and instead follows her passion.

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Shameless US

This show focuses on dysfunctioning Gallagher family with a deadbeat dad and a number of children. They all have their issues and dealing with them is harder considering their background.

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It is a show about British teens with a lot on their plate. There are drugs, sex and a lot of family issues. Each series is from a perspective of a different person and it gives the show a unique insight into what is going on in each of their lives.

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It is about young offenders who are doing community service and gain superpowers during a storm. Some of the superpowers are good and some quite inconvenient. It's bloody, it's fun and has a time travel in it.

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