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Not all goodbyes are sad....
Eg.- Goodbye school.

  • Here are some of the things I really want to do this summer, and you might want to too. I hope you like this article:)

↝ Relax

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Relax. You will make it. You will find someone who loves you infinitely. You will figure out your career. You have a whole lifetime. Relax, and just breathe.

↝ Explore

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Find a beautiful place to get lost.

↝ Shop, shop, shop

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Those who say money cannot buy happiness, didn't know where to shop.

↝ Spend time with him

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And when he looks at me, I swear I can't breathe.

↝ Lose weight

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If it's hard, it's probably worth it.

↝ Invest time in my hobbies

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Do all the things you love.

↝ Glow up

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Make them stare.

↝ Enjoy

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What really matters is to be in the moment. Live life to the fullest because life is short and moments turn into flashbacks real quick. You get to decide your day. Good things are coming your way.

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I love you guys♡