good morning people of whi<3
SCHOOL IS FINALLY FINISHED so, let's have a sleepover with our best friends and celebrate the start of the summer!
But... what we are going to do?
Here you are some ideas:

  • do a face mask together
friends, friendship, and best friends image girl, friends, and friendship image
  • watch a movie
friends, girls, and vintage image
  • dance dance dance!
girls, grunge, and tumblr image coachella, brandy melville, and 2k17 image
  • grab your favorites snacks
girl, food, and fashion image blonde and friends image
  • watch a tv series marathon
girl, gossip girl, and friends image friendship, friends, and light image
  • have a drink (but not so much)
best friends, girl, and glasses image friends, wine, and grunge image
  • stargazing
girl, friends, and city image galaxy, night, and stars image
  • cook a cake or something else
girl, cooking, and breakfast image girl, friends, and vintage image
  • listen to your favorites songs
girl, grunge, and 90s image girl, friends, and bff image
girl, friends, and bff image friends, fun, and boy image

love you