Hello guys 😊😊
Today I am gonna tell you about my book .
First of all, I can't believe that I published it .
It’s like a dream comes true, I swear ❤

I put loads of emotions, pain and effort in that book, I hope people will find it inspirational 😊

Here is the a short summary

Her boring routine kills her. Basically, she works on her research day and night. So she did not leave Rome for two years. But one day, her dull life will turn into hell. She will know that she is sick, and her illness will force her to do things she does not want. But she will stumble upon him. His name is Ryan, and her name is Jasmine. But to her, he was the last person she could fall in love with, until Ryan ask her to meet him in new York. There she will see how blind she was. it's almost certainly going to be the adventure of her life.

And Here is the link, I would be grateful if you guys download it. It’s for free though.
Try to read it and recommend it to your friends 💙
I promise you will enjoy 😊😊


And Here is the cover

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