10. Dawn
Named after a wonderful natural phenomenon - what could be better?

9. Kiana
First time I heard it was on a disney cassette in my youth. Since this time, I really love this name.

8. Ada
Short and elegant.
What more do you want?

7. Aimée
The french pronunciation gives the name dignity and style, furthermore Aimée means “the beloved”

6. Mina
This name has many meanings in different languages and just sounds majestic and lordly.

5. Florentine
I just like the beatiful meaninig of this name. Just can translate it with "the blooming"

4. Jade
The Jade is a beautiful stone, the name also.

3. Lilou' kalani
This hawaiian name just sounds like a soft and warm wave at the beach or like a beautiful tropical flower. Also the first queen of Hawaii share the same name.

2. Topsannah
Since I read this name in a book about indianas, I really love it. In one of the hundreds of native american languages Topsanna means "prairie flower"

1. Elaine
My absolutly favorite. First time I ever hear this name was in a article about the legend of King Arthur. Since this day I'm in love with this name, it sounds special and timeles but also not too exotic and extravagant.