It would be called 'Ancient Cafe '.

I really like cafe's or shops that look old. That has brown/beige colours and lots of wood! I feel really comfortable in such places. Of course I want to feel like that in my own cafe haha. Let me explain how it will look.

First of all. I want my cafe to be in places like this.

brown, theme, and city image Image by Lil princess

And my cafe would look something like this.

book, italy, and travel image city, aesthetic, and cafe image cafe, vintage, and aesthetic image coffee, theme, and brown image
But the colour would be more dark brown like the last one.

I want my costumers to have comfy seats, so they never want to get out! I also want the seats not to close to each other, and I want different seats. Like normal chairs, then chairs to chill in and also couches. They are allowed to bring in books and laptops and that stuff, so they can have a cup of tea while working.

Image by Lil princess coffee and shop image book, cafe, and college image comfy, inside, and window image coffee, cafe, and photography image study, coffee, and school image
Also a little thingie. I want a few seating places in front of the window, so people can look outside.

Books! I want a one wall that's full with books. And only old books ofcourse. Like these.

book, theme, and aesthetic image book, magic, and harry potter image

But what kind of food will I have?

cake and food image aesthetic, dark, and red image autumn, book, and coffee image Image removed
I will have so many food with strawberries and you can also order only strawberries. And in the evening you can order fries too, cause I love fries.

How would your cafe look like? I'm really interested, so let me know when you made an article about it, I would love to read it!

Thank you so much for reading.

I also want to thank everyone that likes my post and follows me. It always makes me happy to see I have a new follower. So thank you.