Hey! It is almost Summer! Are you happy about it? ME TOO!!!
Here are some things you could do...

1. Start watching new show or make a movie night.
(If you don`t know which one, here are some: Once upon a time, Teen wolf, Supergirl, The Flash, The Kissing Booth, Ice-it`s a Russian movie, but really a great one)

2. Find a new recipe and cook the dinner for your parents or person you love

3. Make a spa in your house(or room)
(You could put some masks on, paint your nails, learn a new style of make up or just listen to some music while doing what you like)

4. Read a new book

5. Spend the whole day with your friends, like outside, on pool, party...

6. Start training new sport, or learning new language
(Even if sometimes it is too hot to go outside, running in the morning or swimming kind of make you happier and calmer)

7. Ask someone to help with the job
(Maybe you`ll be surprised how amazing skills you have and you didn`t even know it)

8. Decorate your room

9. Go to the sea or mountain with your family
(If you have enough money there are some astonishing places you should visit, just find whatever you like on the internet. And you you can`t afford it, just make a gathering in your house or garden and invite everyone you are close with)