A : A Song About Being Sad by Rex Orange County

babe, cutie, and rex orange county image

" I even started sitting down in the shower, girl
I'll take my time on my own
And I'll be fine now I'm alone "

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B : Baby Don't Stop by NCT (Taeyong & Ten)

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"You’re the fire that revives
A flower that was definitely wilted "

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C : Complete by ONF

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" you complete me, each piece of my dream is you "

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D : Dollar by (G)-IDLE

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" If you want me learn some manners "

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E : Euphoria by Jungkook

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" You are the cause of my euphoria "

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F : First Love by Sabrina Carpenter

sabrina carpenter image

" Just like first love
You give everything
And you give too much "

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G : Good Evening by SHINee

Jonghyun, Onew, and Taemin image

" I’ll race against this darkness
To come get you "

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H : Hooked by Why Don't We

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Lyrics, hooked, and limelight image

I : I Do by Cardi B ft Sza

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" Dapper, dapper, I look fine and my checks defined "

melanin and sza image

J : Just A Picture by KYLE ft Kehlani

kyle and kehlani image

" You look for likes when you could have love "

kehlani and superduperkyle image

K : Kathrin with a K by Super Whatevr

" Katherine please
Don’t leave me
Oh I got nothing to do
But be with you "

L : Love Line by TVXQ!

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gif, kpop, and korean image

M : Marry Me by Thomas Rhett

" And I always wondered if she felt the same way "

thomas rhett image

N : New Light by John Mayer

john mayer image

" Oh, you don't think twice 'bout me "

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O : O.M.G by Halo

" Why did I think you were so precious?
I’m lost in a maze "

P : Perfectly Wrong by Shawn Mendes

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Q : Quit You by Lost Kings ft Tinashe

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" God knows I can't fix you
But I can't quit you "

R : Rise by Jonas Blue ft Jack & Jack

" They tryna hate hate hate
But we won't change, change anything at all
We're gonna ri-ri-ri-ri-rise 'til we fall "

S : Selfish by Moonbyul ft Seulgi

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" Interfering for me? No thanks "

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T : Take Me Higher by A.C.E

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" Thank you so much, you’re the reason for my existence "

jun image

U : Unlock it By Charli XcX ft Jay Park

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" I'm right here, right in your pocket "

jay park image

V : Valentine by 5sos

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Lyrics, quotes, and valentine image

W : White Lies by eli.

I don't have the time
No more for that
Cause your heart was
Never there and that's a
Matter of fact "

X : text me by DPR Live (lol idk any)

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" When you think of me
I’ll make some time and go "

Y : Yestoday by NCT

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Z : Mine by Bazzi (yep ive got none too lol)

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