I was foolish, I was stupid when I said I didn't love you, I didn't mean it. I was lying.
and now I regret it.
I regret not hearing your voice, I regret not feeling your presence, I regret not being able to kiss you, I regret not having you by my side.

I miss you that I can't sleep at night, I miss you that every song, I listen to, do all refer to you. I miss you that everything I do, everywhere I go I only think about you and it's breaking my heart.

Now it feels like I'm out of my element. I sit alone in silence and cry while I'm spending my entire day trying to figure out where the hell I went wrong.

I just need you to come back.
I need you to be the one I would lean on in such a tough time
I need you to talk to me when I can't sleep at night.
I need you to console me when I'm lost in the middle of the night.
I just need you and only you.

If this is a heartbreak, why do I feel like every part of my body is broken too?