Today is the day. The day that would make the mold of my future. Damn, after getting the results, i didn't what i wanna do now.
what do you think?
well, for starters, i want to be a mathematician, so i should take mathematics as my core subject, but, well, do you know that feeling where you have this one perfect friend; beautiful, guys love her, she sold cool stuffs on instagram and she's smart also have a good relationship with her family members. So, this friend, she decided to take on mathematics too, and now, i don't think my decision is a good idea. it's like being a secondhand in the group of first. i don't think i can achive the things i want if i take on mathematics. my other friends will of course not judge me, but i can't help but think that they will, they will look down on me, they will be like 'she's the lesser one' and i hate that thought. who am i to take on a path where my smartest friend take, i mean, i'm not good enough for that path.