Alright, so I need friends and this is my feeble attempt to do so... so lets begin.

Name: Maya // pronounced My. Ar
Location: Australia but was born in Lebanon

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Star Sign

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I'm a (proud) Scorpio


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I'm 17 turning 18 in October

Type of Music/Books

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I really love chill music like Billie Elish, Daniel Ceaser (my bby is so underrated) and Khalid but I also really like R'n'B and as for books anything to do with HP and alternate universes


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The whole Marvel cinematic universe

Four things I love

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1. Tom Holland 2. Robert D. Jr. (i love my two(2) boys) 3.Debating 4.Make-up

Ideal best friend

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Just someone who is really chill but is passionate about the things they like. Someone who actually puts effort into conversations and wont see my introvertness as arrogance

Alright so if i sound like ur cup of tea pls hmu i actually do need friends