June 13th, 2018

I've seen this tag floating around We Heart It, and decided it would be a fun way to past the time. I was tagged by no one, and have to one to tag. Anyway, I digress.

Warning: Upon the completion of this article, I realized I sound hella salty. Please don't take my opinions as gospel, as they by no means invalidate yours. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

1) Favorite Film

Hands down, Black Panther. The first Iron Man and first Guardians of the Galaxy tie for second, but Black Panther takes the cake. It had the most solid story line of the films, some weirdly beautiful cinematography, and certainly the best score.

Mature image

2) Favorite Male Character

First things first, T'Challa because AUUGHGHH.

black panther image

Secondly, I would say Loki because his character is really well-developed.

loki, sad, and tom hiddleston image

3) Favorite Female Character

Shuri! She is so well written and adorable and smart and funny. We stan a legend.

black panther, gif, and Marvel image

4) Least Favorite Character

CAPTAIN AMERICA. I just really dislike him. It's a whole heroism thing and what it means to be a hero and it's a long ramble. Let's not get into it.

Image by Enigme

5) Most Powerful Character

Well, if I'd have to choose, I'd say THANOS. HAHAHAHHA.

But seriously.

6) Character Who Deserves a Film

Scarlet Witch for sure.

gif, Marvel, and Avengers image

She's the most interesting of all the characters and has barely developed on screen. Plus Marvel really needs to step up their game with female characters because the development (excluding Black Panther) has been few and far between. Also Shuri should get a movie as well but I JUST LOVE HER.

7) Favorite MCU Score

Black Panther. A lot of the other scores just sound the same and leave a lot to be desired.

8) Most Anticipated Film

Wonder Woman 2 oh ah I mean Nightwing oh ah I mean Spider-Man 2.

I'm just so funny.

I'm genuinely excited for the next Spider-Man, though.

9) Favorite Ship

Okay, I hate Captain America. But my favorite ship is Stucky.

Don't question it, just accept it.

captain america, chris evans, and steve rogers image
this is so extra I LOVE IT

10) Character Who Needs To Join The MCU

MS. MARVEL! I'm hoping once Captain Marvel comes out, that story will develop and we'll eventually get to see Kamala on screen.

Marvel, comicedit, and ours image

11) Most Disappointing Film

I'm incredibly tempted to say Infinity War, but I knew it was going to be a little disappointing to begin with.

SO, I would have to say Guardians of the Galaxy 2 because I was really hoping for something more.

12) Characters You Want To Be Friends With

Peter Parker and Ned.

spiderman, tom holland, and peter parker image

13) Favorite MCU Actor

Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan and Robert Downey Jr.

black panther, crush, and Hot image michael b. jordan image robert downey jr image Mature image

14) Favorite MCU Actress

Elizabeth Olsen

elizabeth olsen, wanda maximoff, and scarlet witch image

15) Favorite Line

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Yeah, I just don't remember any lines off the top of my head.

"We Are Groot"
- Groot (bursts into tears)
Marvel, groot, and rocket image

16) Team Iron Man or Team Cap

OOOOF NOT TEAM CAP (even though I was when Civil War came out)

I'm not sure if I'm Team Iron Man either. Maybe I'm team #neutral

17) If you had to be one of the characters for a day, which would it be and why?

I would be Nick Fury. I honestly cannot explain why. Just sounds like a real trip.

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18) How were you introduced to the MCU?

I saw the OG Iron Man when it first came out, then actually became interested when I watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Then lost interest with infinity war, what?


WELL, thank you for sticking through my salt and reading this article. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day, and go out there and just learn about the world.