Ok so it's 10:34 pm here in the US of course and I've just gotten out of school not just now but yesterday. It's officially summer vacation for me, minus summer school that I have to start in July which ends like 3 days before I start school...so what now...a summertime blog...ofc...and what better way than to start on weheartit ? I've been exploring and so far I've learned that you guys write articles here and as a girl who loves to write, I think that this is literally the best site. Enough of that! What should I write about the originals?tvd?How about I love bughead but Archie and Betty are endgame who cares Ill have something on the top of my head tomorrow. Any Ideas?

xoxo~BlackSwallowTail (p.s. I've gotta find a new name ๐Ÿ˜‚)