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I was born in June.

When the air tastes like honey and the sun shines like gold. A storm had just rolled in and out, leaving the day to smell like rain. They told me my eyes were round and excited, and that some things never change.

I found my favorite book in November. My grandmother took me to the bookstore and I spent the day cuddled beneath the shelves, hidden from reality and stepping into the pages. The people would pass by me and I paid them no mind. I couldn’t tell you their faces, but I could tell you how I felt. My heart throbbed for the villain, my veins pulsed for the hero. The good win and the bad lose, and some things never change.

I first saw Death in February, and I suppose it best fits then. When cold strips the trees, and exposes their bones to the world. That is when he is closest. On that cold day in February, the steering wheel took a life of its own. We shot across the highway. I saw the eyes of the cars rushing towards us, white and bright and frightened. They used to say that every second is a gift, & that has never changed.

I first felt free in June. When I stood my the ocean for the first time. The water splashed against my feet, urging me to join it. The air was sweet and salty, the horizon was blue and endless. My smile came slow like a realization.

June. Oh, June, you’re beautiful.

& that will never change.


hey guys! so my birthday is actually on friday, so I decided to do a sweet little excerpt in honor of this time of year. if you have any requests for future articles comments, suggestions, feel free to message me! I will hopefully be doing another violetwrites competition soon:)