We were cuddling in bed when you told me you did not want to be the first one to say I love you. "I will not say it first, I am waiting for you to say it."
My heart raced at even the mention of the word love and I secretly felt disappointed you didn't want to be the first one to say it, only because I made a promise to myself NEVER to say it first.
You wanted me to tell you I love you but instead I decided to tease you:
"I love...your eyes."
"I love...your tattoo."
It took all my self control not to shout out "I love you, I love you, you silly fool!" But I am stubborn.
Later that night, I started acting silly again, but you looked at me seriously and whispered, "I love you." In that moment everything made sense. I understand why people are not afraid of the bad in the world. With you by my side I have the courage to face anything.

Guys! I'm in love! I've never felt this way before. I have never met someone who makes me laugh so much! He fits so well into my life. He got along with my brother and I can imagine him meeting my family! I am actually excited for the future!
The way he looks at me makes me believe that YES HE DOES LOVE ME!! I see love in his eyes and I believe him!
I understand now... someone once told me being in love feels calm. I scoffed in disbelief because I thought love is chaos it can only be chaos. But I feel a sort of calm... I feel complete. Yes I love him and I'm fucking scared, but I would let him break my heart. He is worth the risk.

I'm going all in.