From an actual college student.

I have finished my freshman year in college, and I am off to my sophomore after this summer. I thought I'd give some advice because I see a lot of High school advice, and that's great but there is college is well.

So let's start shall we!

1. Don't (and I'm serious) pack your classes at 8 am.
Yeah you think you've waken up every day at 6 am gone to school at 7 am you'll survive 8 am. Well you won't. Trust me, I've figured this out the hard way. 8 am are a nightmare especially since the lectures ( or worse the labs ) are much longer. You'll want to die every day.

2. Go to events!
High School was a prison for everyone. Do this. Do that. But in college you have a choice. There are so many open clubs for you to join that YOU enjoy. Don't waste the opportunity! Heck, I have a squirrel watching club at my college. What sounds interesting to you?

3. Don't stress about how you dress
This isn't High school anymore. No one cares what you look like. How you dress. One day I wore my llama pajama pants and no one bat an eyelid. Love what you wear not what other people wear. It makes life so much easier.

5. Pack a snack and water bottle for every class
Trust me you'll thank me later

6. Speaking about packing things
When it looks remotely gloomy out, and you live in an apartment/dorms/park the car far away. PACK A FREAKING UMBRELLA. I can not swear to you how many times it POURED on me when I forgot an umbrella.

7. Keep and constantly look at the Syllabus
In High School the Syllabus doesn't matter, but in college is sure does. All important dates and information is going to be on this packet of paper, and the professor is going to expect YOU to keep track of it.

  • Flashcards
  • Group study dates
  • Quizlet (bless whoever created quizlet)
  • Rewrite notes
  • Read the book. I'm serious. That's also expensive too might as well use it.
  • Do them in chunks, day by day. Don't. I repeat. DON'T cram in one day ( I regrettably did this and I failed an exam so it doesn't help)

9. Don't push yourself too much though
Sure studying is important, but pushing yourself to the point of not sleeping and sticking to your desk all day not seeing anyone and cutting yourself off from everything is not healthy. Learn to take breaks, breath, and socialize a bit. It doesn't hurt to stop studying for one day.

10. Live a little
Speaking of breaks it's okay to party. As someone who thought that people who went to parties were terrible people and then started going to some themselves, it's not a sin. Live a little. Hook up. Go to parties. And maybe whispers take a few sips of that good juice. As long as you know how to limit yourself and not get too crazy it's no harm.

11. A Fail is Not the End of the World
Starting off college is hard. The classes aren't easy. The professors could be terrible at teaching, and you sometimes you just don't get it. Don't sweat too much when you find yourself face to face with a failing class. It's definitely not a GOOD thing, but don't kill yourself over it. Just try harder. Think what you did wrong and fix it. Don't sit there and pity yourself. Learn from your mistakes.

12. Make memories
College is a lot of work. So make memories you'll love to look back on when you're done with it. Freshman year could be the worse or the best, it just depends on how you treat it. I cried almost every night my first week of college because I was afraid I wouldn't make any friends, and now I think my freshman year was amazing. Filled with memories I'll never want to forget.

Go out there and do something!