1. Legally Blonde

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Elle Woods is a female icon and that's a fact. She realized that she didn't need to have a man to be happy, and she showed him wrong. Elle Woods showed that you can be beautiful, love girly things, and be outrageously smart too!

2. Hidden Figures

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This movie is a race involved, women involved, science involved masterpiece. AND it's based on a true story? Three women fighting the odds in their very prestigious (may I remind you) NASA work field as black females. Ugh I love it!

3. Wonder Woman

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Her action scenes, her bravery, courage, and will to save the human race. She is a heroess that every female should look up to. She isn't afraid to do things her way, but she isn't afraid to work as a team.

4. Mulan

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A Disney classic that shows a female can fight just as hard and strong as a male. Mulan gave little girls all over the world to do what's right no matter the odds.

5. Kill Bill

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Filled with a great diverse cast that involves bada** females. Vol 1. and 2. are worth the watch of an ex assassin taking revenge for her baby and her life ripped away from her.

6. Ocean 8

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SPEAKING of diverse bada** female characters. This newer movie is freaking crazy smart. 8 incredible women pulling a heist worth talking about? Count me freaking in. Who says women can't be devious as well?

7. Pride and Prejudice

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A powerful female movie can be a romance just as much. Elizabeth Bennet was beyond her time. She was witty, sarcastic, and steadfast to her sisters. She knew what she wanted, and she stayed by it.

8. Suffragetes

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This movie is very underappreciated. It's powerful and moving and shows that when women stand together they can move mountains. Sometimes fighting for what's right isn't easy; they could of given up, but they didn't and that is power in itself.

9. Bend it Like Beckham

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Woah woah sporty female main character that's also different ethnicity. I love it. I also love the girl friendship going on here. It shows that if you love something so much it doesn't matter what other people think. As long as you're happy, just do it.

10. Queen of Katwe

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Also based on a true story. This movie is fun and adorable at the same time. I'll definitely show my little daughter this some day. It just shows that you can come from any place and yet come out on top just by being yourself and doing what you love the most.