The wind is calmly blowing between each blade of grass on a bright sunny day. The trees are standing tall, mocking every step she takes without making a single sound. Her long black hair flowing in the breeze, almost touching the slick dirt as she walks along the lonely path. Wearing a simple plaid skirt with a shirt and tie, thigh high socks and black shoes, she continues on this path to nowhere. She stays quiet, not a word slips from from mouth as she looks straight ahead, never looking back. It's been hours now, the sky starts to turn pinkish purple as the sun starts to set in the east yet, she keeps on looking forward, never back. Energy starts to drain from her body, first her feet, dragging them against what feels like concrete flooring, her legs start to tremble, knees starting to give out. She doesn't make a sound, she can't. On the ground, now crawling, energy draining quicker than before. Her arms start to shake, barely keeping her up as she keeps crawling forward, not giving up just yet. Her mouth dry as the desert sand, her hands and knees all scratched up, nearly reaching the end. What will be at the end? Only inches away now, barely moving, she inches the rest of the way only to come to- a ledge, leading to nothing but an empty abyss of fog and darkness. Again, not a word slips from her lips as she finds the energy to stand up, looking forward. With a deep breath of fresh air, she looks back and smiles, then slowly turning around and walking back along the lonely path.