even for those who enjoy giving much more than receiving, gift-giving can sometimes be most difficult for the ones you love the most. you may feel that you owe them the world, but when your budget can't handle that, sometimes you just have to go with plan B. so, here are some simple, but thoughtful gift ideas for father's day:


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these two can vary in price, but for those who love to be in the kitchen and cook, a waffle maker or panini press can come in great use; and, as a bonus, you can make breakfast or lunch together !


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personally, my dad loves his morning coffee, and not only can coffee be sophistocated, but it also makes for a great gift. you can buy a few packages of starbucks coffee beans, a coffee mug, a small french press, keurig, or anything else coffee related.


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what's better than a store-bought card ? a letter from the heart. as corny as it sounds, a meaningful letter or card expressing your appreciation, love, and memories, is truly something that's not only priceless, but irreplaceable, and unique.


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my dad is not only a musician, but he grew up during the height of a great historic and musical era. purchasing a few vinyl records or albums of a favourite artist they had growing up is a really cool gift, and it'll be sure to take them down memory lane. even if they're not into music, you can think of something else that they may have loved growing up, and gift them something related to that theme !


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yes, netflix and on demand exist now, but if you want to go for a more classic and fun approach to a movie night, buy a few physical DVD's and throw in some snacks to go with it. have a movie marathon on father's day, make some popcorn, and watch his favourite genres !


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find a trusted website such as Etsy, and order a gift of your choice with your father figure's name engraved on it. these gifts are really special, and can vary from being fancy and sophistocated, to simple or even comical. last year, i had ordered a high quality, and handcrafted pocket knife with my dad's initials engraved into it- it even came with a case- and he loved it.


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my dad is completely in love with chocolate, so whenever i see some good dark chocolate, i make sure to pick him up a quick fix of it ! making a small gift basket or box with his favourite food or cooking supplies is something that's not only useful, but yummy as well ! (ex: if he loves to BBQ, put together some grilling tools, and throw in a gift card to his favourite BBQ place)


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never hurts to be a stylist for the day ! purchase some nice pajamas, work clothes, casual wear, new shoes, or even a few ties for him to wear.


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this idea may seem kind of basic, but a nice watch or bracelet can be a great gift too !

hope some ideas were helpful, or sparked some new ones in your head ! there are tons of gifts to buy, but there are also tons of DIY ideas too. just remember, the thought and meaning is what matters most. happy father's day xx