Hey guys,

So I'm really excited about this post because I just reached 1500 followers. I am so thankful and so happy to see that a lot of you guys find my account interesting enough to follow, so thank you A LOT for that.

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I also want to say that seeing the hearts I get for the articles I write motivate me so much to keep on writing and keep on posting. I feel like my posts actually help some of you out and it also helps me out because I can actually be useful for something. That is a really weird thing to say I know, but I haven't had the easiest youth and I always felt like I was less in the surroundings where I've been and that's why it is SO SO SO important to surround yourself with people who have nothing but goodness, kindness, honesty and maybe the most important thing; humanity, in them.

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You shouldn't trust people so fast because they might end up hurting you more than that they do you well. So please keep this in mind next time you want to open up to someone about your issuess, feelings etc.

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Wow damn, I went from a thankyou post to don't trust anyone real quick.
I think I've said enough for now. Hope to see you back in my next article. Keep following, keep hearting.

Take care,

Royallve xoxo

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