It's been so hard. The past few years, loving someone so much who doesn't love you back, and not being able to let them go. And then, you meet someone you finally get to like, like A LOT. A "click" happens inside you, and you're like, finally, there's this someone that attracts me on another level, that I couldn't feel it with anyone else but my crush. And then guess what happens. You get disappointed again. He's just another disappointment. You get happy, then you fall of the clouds, cause you EXPECTED, and of course, it didn't turn the way you hoped it would.
And there we are again. Lonely, broken, disappointed, and decided to give up on fucking Love. Call me dramatic, call me anything. All I know is that I just have so much love inside of me that I want to share, and I have no one to give it to.
I have never had my hand held, or had a rose given to me.
So don't tell me it's fair. It's not. Love sucks, or I'm cursed or something.

A tip: Don't expect anything from anyone. You will get your fucking heart broken, even if you know what it's like, it happens again and again, it only fucks you over. Let the whole shit come to you. Let the other person go through hell to get you, stop trying for them cause you've tried fucking enough. Be you and do you, and if that's too ego, it's okay. maybe it's time to defend yourself. Fuck the rest. You matter first.