Day 1

Show That Never Should Have Been Canceled:
Surviving Jack, Red Band Society and the Selfie series all ended way too quickly.

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Day 2

Show That You Wish More People Were Watching:
The Good Doctor is a great show about an autistic surgeon. It raises awareness about fully or highly functioning autists and their struggles as a well as entertains with a fun plot and likable characters.

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Day 3

Favorite New Show:
Good Girls is a show about three mothers who find themselves in a very difficult situation mainly money wise. The decision to do something bonkers in order to get that money but with one adventure the craziness only begins.

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Day 4

Favorite Show Ever:
Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows ever for sure. I've seen it so many times that I lost count. I grew up watching that show and even when I watch it now I still like it despite disagreeing with many decisions the girls made. Just so you know, I am on the team, Jess.

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Day 5

Show You Hate:
Younger is a show where a lady with grown kids pretends to be a 20-year-old. She does this because, with her real age, she couldn't find a job. The performances are weak and the plot seriously lags since the women despite looking quite young for her age, still would never pass for 20 something.

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Day 6

Show Everyone Should Watch:
New Girl is a great show about Jess and her male roommates. There are beautiful romances, strong friendships and most importantly the game of all games True American.

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Day 7

Show You Thought You Wouldn’t Like, but Ended Up Loving:
13 Reasons Why is a book written by Jay Asher and despite everyone loving it, I was not so keen. Therefore I had some prejudice about this show but from the first episode of the second series I'm on board. I love it.

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Day 8

Show That Disappointed You:
Freaks and Geeks is a show that I had high hopes for. Imagine all the stars of today in one teen show about outcasts and the in-crowd. James Franco, Jason Segel, tiny boy J.F. Daley and so much more.

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Day 9

Favorite Childhood Show:
Veronica Mars is a teenage girl and a complete badass. She helps her dad with investigating in his firm and in her free time she is looking for a killer of her best friend and deals with high school drama.

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Day 10

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show:
Famous In Love is a show about Paige who is cast in a huge movie as the main character and her life changes completely.

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